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What to do… well besides the Barndoor World Record attempt and other Vintage VWs on-site there is lots more to do… A little competition at the VEWIB stand for pinball enthusiasts Capersville is the “holy grail”! Capersville hit the market in 1966 and set benchmarks in technic and design. A surprise for the contest winner of Saturday and Sunday!
Target shooting! Hidden under the hood of this T2a VW Pickup is a fully equipped shooting tent. In every goodie bag there is one voucher for a FREE round of shooting, and you can also win nice little prices here…!
For the kids there is the BBT T1 Bouncy, and we have special Barndoor Gathering drawings to colour in for the little ones, and of course the AirMighty Corn-Hole game 🙂
There is the PON Photo-Expo, Coachbuild Display, and more rare cars. Food-trucks - incl. Niels Mighty (Bitter)balls, 1650m2+ Swapmeet …and on Saturday evening the KWEENONY Crew from Belgium will spin some tunes to enjoy a great party evening inside Shelter B527, No Samba, No Party!!!
Check out the full program here: …there is more to see, just be there, as you don’t wanna miss out!