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Just got back from the show location… WOW! What a weekend! Well what a week it was to be honest… after 1,5 year of preparations and building up towards the weekend we here on-site since Wednesday.
A plan was made to give the area the correct “Ben Pon Show” theme. We started putting all 150+ banners, 80+ flags, big marquee-tents up. Measured in the 1700+ m2 swapmeet area, and lined out the camping ground. We where expecting many visitors and participants, but the number of visitors beeing this high was above expectations.
With a GREAT team of volunteers we welcomed you all starting Friday afternoon. Many camping guests found their spot on the campsite, so it had to be strict. The sun was shining and we saw many smiling faces! The cars where insane and rare, with a big number of 89 Barndoors on-site is was again a succes. We loved seeing you arrive at the show in your Aircooled VW, this resulted in a great line up of T1 Buses, Oval- Splitwindow Beetles, early Karmann Ghia’s, Coachbuild Display, Old Speed line up and more! We had many other things to do, feel and see! With visitors coming from all over the globe it was again a success. We love seeing you all there, and smiling because of the atmosphere, beautiful cars and good vibes.
Hereby we would like to say:
- THANKS for he fantastic team of VOLUNTEERS who where smiling, helping and making it all happen!
- THANKS to our SPONSORS for your trust and support, as it is truly needed to put on something like this!
- THANKS TRADERS, as this adds to the overall atmosphere and vibe and is a big part of the show!
- THANKS to the KWEENONY Crew for the music and Saturday Night party evening!
- THANKS to YOU, the visitors and participants for keeping things buzzing all weekend long!
- THANKS for leaving the camp-ground clean and collecting all waste, as this made our work of cleaning on-site a lot easier.
New location, new infrastructure, new food-court, new everything. There are definitely points of attention, and we learned from this first edition on this site. We are ready to make the next edition in 2027 even better!
We are looking back at a successful weekend, and we hope you do so as well!
Share your pictures with us on the Facebook Event page: 3rd European Barndoor Gathering & Vintage VW Show // Ben Pon Show 2023