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Location, ‘The Strip’ in Enschede (NL)

More pictures and information, see 'Location'-page.

Nearly a kilometer of road surface with an air traffic control tower, eight shelters and several other breathtaking, historic buildings along it: that's The Strip. The eight F-16 shelters used to shelter fighter planes when they were on the ground. Now we will exhibit Vintage VWs there.
These buildings will have activities, like the Pon photo-expo, breakfast area, foodcorner, special coach-built car display and on Saturday night we will host a party.

The forest surroundings will give The Strip a cool touch and among the trees on the lawn will be the campground with plenty of room for everyone! We will use the entire Strip for the Barndoor lineup (world record attempt) with many other vintage pre-’57 VWs, traders, swap meet, picnic areas, food square and even more fun for young and old!
With the 20,000 square meters of available space, we can enjoy the VW spectacle with many enthusiasts. All this surrounded by beautiful industrial bunkers, air traffic control tower and old (fire) barracks! The atmosphere is there, we just need you to make it all happen and complete!