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Food & Drinks

We are alowed to camp, but this is a nature reserve. Meaning we are not able to put on any form of vlames and fires what so ever! NO BBQ's and NO camping stoves allowed on the (camp)site NO (camp)fires! These are strictly prohibited!

As of these rules we of course make sure there will be several fresh cooked meals as well as breakfast available for you. So buy your coins and we got you covered!


On Saturday and Sunday morning we will serve breakfast from one of the stalls. You can sit and enjoy it there or take it back to your car on the camping ground of course. Seats are available there to enjoy a proper diner of choice.

Food & Drinks

There will be several food-trucks on site next to the main 'Shelter B27' from where also several different types meals (also vegetarian), warm and cold drinks will be served. 

Everyone who does will be set off site, as we aren't allowed this could mean we need to STOP and CANCEL the event! So please NO open-fire, BBQ, stoves or other fire items on site! Thanks for understanding.