Camping rules

We have permission to camp on site. So when buying a weekend ticket including camping you can stay with us on-site Friday and Saturday night. NO BBQ and NO fire in any form allowed! As we are camping in a nature reserve, it is strictly prohibited! Thanks for understanding!

Camping facilities

Showers & Toilets

There will be toilets and showers available around the campsite area, just look at your map or nearby signs to guide you.


There is no electricity available at our camping site. S bring a powerbank, 12V car-charger of enjoy a drink inside the main food-shelter and charge it there.


On Saturday and Sunday morning we will serve breakfast from one of the stalls. You can sit and enjoy it there or take it back to your car on the camping ground of course. Seats are available there to enjoy a proper diner of choice.

No fires, No stoves and No BBQ allowed on the Campsite!

Please keep in mind there are NO BBQ's and NO camping stoves allowed on the (camp)site NO open campfires! These are strictly prohibited! As this is a nature-reserve there is no fire allowed in any form.

Everyone who does will be set off site, as we aren't allowed this could mean we need to STOP and CANCEL the event! So please NO open-fire, BBQ, stoves or other fire items on site! Thanks for understanding.


Camping = nature reserve, so fire in any form is strictly prohibited!


Camping = nature reserve, so fire in any form is strictly prohibited!


Camping = nature reserve, so fire in any form is strictly prohibited!

Friday to Sunday (2 nights)

Camping opens on Friday afternoon.

There will be NO camping from Sunday to Monday!
We advise you to book a camping or hotel in the area if your planning to drive home on Monday.